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ADCD z/VSE 4.3 - April 2011

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z/VSE 4.3 download

We are pleased to announce the availability of the z/VSE 4.3 ADCD download for application development and support purposes.

The z/VSE ADCD Startup is created to provide qualified PartnerWorld Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with a base Operating System, associated products, and software maintenance for development purposes. No customization or configuration is done on the z/VSE ADCD. The z/VSE ADCD is provided as a FTP download only with access on a request-only basis.

The download files are only distributed in awsckd format. The download is a binary file that can be renamed to *.gz and unziped with a gunzip command under linux. The awsckd files run under IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT).


There is a annual US $900 subscription fee for the use of the ADCD SW distributions. This annual fee covers the z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE ADCD SW stacks and is regardless if one, two, or all three ADCD stacks are requested.


The z/VSE ADCD is a special packaging of z/VSE software for the exclusive use of product development and support. It is restricted for use by qualified PartnerWorld ISVs who are active participants in the System z Developer Discount offering and have a zPDT system. The z/VSE ADCD software stack is licensed to the specific system by zPDT machine type/model serial number and cannot be transferred to any other machine. Use of the z/VSE ADCD Startup software on any other system or software emulator is strictly prohibited and is in violation of the terms and conditions of the z/VSE ADCD License agreement and the System z Developer Discount offering. License

The z/VSE ADCD startup is a bundle of z/VSE and related products. It is not an IBM program product and is not supported as a product. Approved ISVs with zPDT based systems will need to have agreed to the z/VSE ADCD license agreement, and have a signed System z Developer Discount contract on file with IBM prior to receiving access to the z/VSE ADCD download. All ADCD licenses and agreements are done through the System z Developer Discount offering.

How to request access to the z/VSE ADCD download

Products contained in this release

VSE/ESA System components and optional products
Product Description Component Library
A011FY C/VSE V1R1 5686-A0100 PRD2.DBASE
A026G8 DT/VSE BASE V1R1M1 5686-A0200 PRD2.PROD
A026G9 DT/VSE JPN V1R1M1 5686-A0201 PRD2.PROD
A04ATP Z/VSE 4.3.0 - TCP/IP 1.5.0 5686-A0400 PRD1.BASE
A071JS CCCA.VSE...2.1.0 5686-A0700 PRD2.PROD
BS1B10 IPV6/VSE - Z/VSE 1.1.0 5686-BS100 PRD2.PROD
CF80G8 Z/VSE 4.3.0 - OSA/SF 8.3.0 5686-CF830 PRD1.BASE
CF802G Z/VSE 4.3.0 - VSE AF/PWR/VSAM MACROS 8.3.0 5686-CF806 PRD1.MACLIB
CF802I Z/VSE 4.3.0 - VSE REXX/OLTEP 8.3.0 5686-CF816 PRD1.BASE
CF802K Z/VSE 4.3.0 - LE/VSE BASE 1.4.7 5686-CF832 PRD2.SCEEBASE
CF802L Z/VSE 4.3.0 - LE/VSE C 1.4.7 5686-CF833 PRD2.SCEEBASE
CF802N Z/VSE 4.3.0 - VSE CONNECTOR 8.3.0 5686-CF835 PRD1.BASE
CF802V Z/VSE 4.3.0 - CF OS/390 API 8.2.0 5686-CF814 PRD2.OS390
CF802W Z/VSE 4.3.0 - LE/VSE COBOL 1.4.7 5686-CF836 PRD2.SCEEBASE
CF802Y Z/VSE CF VERSION 4.3.0 - ENCRYPT/FAC 1.3.0 5686-CF840 PRD2.PROD
CF802Z Z/VSE 4.3.0 - LE/VSE PLI 1.4.7 5686-CF837 PRD2.SCEEBASE
DS21NM Z/VSE 4.3.0 - ICKDSF 1.17.0 5658-99201 IJSYSR1.SYSLIB
F422NR QMF/VSE....7.2.0 5668-72101 PRD2.PROD
F423NQ DB2CC/VSE.7.3.0 - 5697-F42 5697-F4206 PRD2.CCF730
F425NC Z/VSE 4.3.0 - DB2/VSE CLIENT EDITION 7.5.0 5697-F4207 PRD2.DB2750C
F425NN Z/VSE 4.3.0 - DB2/VSE 7.5.0 5697-F4201 PRD2.DB2750
F66750 RBDCOBOLRT.7.5.0 5648-F6600 PRD2.DBASE
RG1O42 RPGII......1.3.0 5746-RG1 DOS/VS RPG II RELEASE 1.3.0 5746-RG100 PRD2.PROD
SM334A DFSORT/VSE.3.4.0 - 5746-SM3 5746-SM310 PRD2.PROD
U97300 WMQZVSE....3.0.0 - 5655-U97 5655-U9700 PRD2.WMQZVSE
XE7H06 VSE/ACLR...1.2.1 5746-XE700 PRD2.PROD
XXT228 SDF II VSE BASE.1.6.0 - 5746-XXT 5746-XXT01 PRD2.PROD
XX12IO DLI/VSE...1.12.0 5746-XX100 PRD2.DBASE
0111NL CICSVR/VSE.1.2.0 - 5686-011 5686-01101 PRD2.PROD
054B0P Z/VSE 4.3.0 - CICS TS FOR VSE 1.1.1 5648-05400 PRD1.BASE
0571EA GDDM/VSE...3.2.0 5686-05701 PRD2.PROD
0571EP GDDM/VSE.A.3.2.0 5686-05702 PRD2.PROD
06378G ACF/NCP....7.8.1 5648-06300 PRD2.COMM
06448G ACF/SSP....4.8.1 5686-06400 PRD2.COMM2
065FE6 Z/VSE 4.2.0 - ACF/VTAM VERSION 4.2.0 5686-06501 PRD1.BASE
06818M COB.BASE...1.1.0 5686-06800 PRD2.PROD
06818N COB.ENU....1.1.0 5686-06801 PRD2.PROD
06818O COB.JPN....1.1.0 5686-06802 PRD2.PROD
06918P PLI.VSE...1.1.0 5686-06900 PRD2.PROD
09936O Z/VSE 4.3.0 - DITTO/ESA VERSION 1.3.0 5648-09901 PRD1.BASE
2346IM HLASM.TLKT.1.6.0 5696-23401 PRD2.PROD
234689 Z/VSE 4.3.0 - HLASM 1.6.0 5696-23400 PRD1.BASE
260E00 Z/VSE 4.3.0 - EREP VERSION 3.5.0 5656-26001 PRD1.BASE
7231FF GDDM-IVU...1.1.3 5668-72301 PRD2.PROD
8011FG GDDM-IMD...2.1.3 5668-80101 PRD2.PROD
8121F5 GDDM-PGF...2.1.3 5668-81201 PRD2.PROD

System Structure

This download configuration consist of two 3390-9 zPDT volumes:

The default layout of z/VSE installation is used.

Sample Text and Scripts

Sample gunzip commands for loading ADCD files under zPDT

echo '*******************************'
echo '*                             *'
echo '*   UNZIPPING dosres          *'
echo '*                             *'
echo '*******************************'
gunzip -c /ibmsys3/zvse/dosres.ckd1.gz > /ibmsys3/zvse/dosres
echo '*******************************'
echo '*                             *'
echo '*   UNZIPPING syswk1          *'
echo '*                             *'
echo '*******************************'
gunzip -c /ibmsys3/zvse/syswk1.ckd1.gz > /ibmsys3/zvse/syswk1

Sample devmap

memory 1536
3270port 3277
directory ./zPDT

name aws3274 1
device 0009 3279 3274

name awsrdr 2
device 000C 2540 2821 ./*.rdr

name awsprt 3
device 000E 1403 2821 ./printer.lst

#osa support:
name awsosa 10 --path=f0 --pathtype=osd                     #osd
device 120 osa osa --unitadd=0
device 121 osa osa --unitadd=1
device 122 osa osa --unitadd=2
device 12f osa osad --unitadd=fe

#name awsosa 10 --path=f0 --pathtype=ose                    #osd
#device 130 osa osa --unitadd=0
#device 131 osa osa --unitadd=1
#device 132 osa osa --unitadd=2

name aws3274 5
device 0700 3279 3274 usr700
device 0701 3279 3274 usr701
device 0702 3279 3274 usr702
device 0080 3279 3274 usr080
device 0081 3279 3274 usr081

name awstape 8
device 0180 3480 3803 /zPDT/tapes/VSE421EN.AWS
device 0181 3480 3803 /zPDT/tapes/VSE421XB_EN.AWS

name awsckd 4
device 0a80 3390 3990 /zPDT/disks/dosres.ckd                #ipl disk
device 0a81 3390 3990 /zPDT/disks/syswk1.ckd                #system disk
#device 0a82 3390 3990 /zPDT/disks/syswk2.ckd               #data disk

#name awsckd 4
#device 0300 3390 3990 /zPDT/disks/dosres.ckd               #ipl disk
#device 0301 3390 3990 /zPDT/disks/syswk1.ckd               #system disk
#device 0302 3390 3990 /zPDT/disks/syswk2.ckd               #data disk

Sample startup script

cd /zPDT
awsstart --map zvsedevmap.txt
sleep 4
echo 1090 started
x3270 localhost:3277 &
x3270 localhost:3277 &
sleep 2
ipl 0a80
sleep 2
echo IPL issued

Password Data

User            Password
sysa            asys

Obtaining the product keys.

The product 5686-A04 TCP/IP for VSE is included in this build, but is owned by CSI International. ISVs who need to use this product for application development purposes can contact CSI International about getting a license key. The contact at CSI International is Tim Robinette tim@e-vse.com.

The product 5686-BS1 IPV6/VSE for VSE is included in this build, but is owned by Barnard Software. ISVs who need to use this product for application development purposes can contact Barnard Software about getting a license key. The contact at Barnard Software is Terry: Teri Barnard bsisales@bsiopti.com.

Be sure to mention zPDT and the zVSE ADCD.

If you have any feedback or questions, please respond to: sdohelp@svscvm1.vnet.ibm.com

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