Our IBM team is pleased to announce the availability of the z/OS V2R2 November Edition of 2016 as a download option. We are continually working to provide you with improved ADCD deliverables and this electronic download provides improved availability, flexibility, and ease of use for the z/OS ADCD. This is available as an option, or if you prefer you can still obtain a copy of the z/OS ADCD as a physical DVD copies when it is available.

z/OS V2R2 November Edition of 2016 ADCD download is set up as components for z/OS and the various middleware products, so you can download them all, or only those that you need and use. You can also come back at a later date and get what you need. Following is a list of major components currently available for download:

z/OS V2R2 November Edition of 2016

  • IMS V14.1
  • IMS V13.1
  • DB2 V11
  • DB2 V10
  • CICS V5.3
  • CICS V5.2
  • CICS V5.1
  • WAS V9.0
  • WAS V8.5
  • WAS V8.0
  • Tivoli OMEGAMON V5.4.0
  • Rational Team Concert V6.0.2
  • IBM WebSphere MQ V9.0
  • IBM WebSphere MQ V8.0

Details on the z/OS V2R2 November Edition of 2016 contents, installation and usage are provided here.

Ordering process for ADCD downloads:

  • You will need to have a signed z/OS license agreement on file with IBM.
  • Please send an email to and include the following information:
    • Company name:
    • zPDT Serial Number:
  • Once all the requirements are met, our support team in Dallas will contact you and provide you with a userid and download instructions.
  • If you are an IBM employee wishing to acquire the ADCD please order through by sending a note to

If you have any feedback or questions, please respond to: ztech@us.ibm.com