What you should know about ADCD.

The ADCD is built on a twice per year schedule typically coinciding with the release of new versions of z/VM. The ADCD is created to provide qualified Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with the latest z/VM System along with associated middleware products at the latest available maintenance level. For quite some time now, we have been offering the z/VM System also via download option, in addition to the DVDs. The z/VM ADCD can run under the IBM's System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT).

NOTE: There is an annual US $900 subscription fee for the use of the ADCD SW distributions. This annual fee covers the z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE ADCD SW stacks and is regardless if one, two, or all three ADCD stacks are requested.

Important: Important information is found in this disclaimer so Please READ the Disclaimer!!

Announcements, Changes and Updates for this release.

We are pleased to announce the availability of the z/VM 5.4 Download for application development and support purposes. The zVM ADCD Download is periodically updated to coincide with the release of new versions of z/VM. The z/VM Download is created to provide qualified PartnerWorld Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with a base Operating System and software maintenance and is intended for ISVs who need z/VM to support guest systems such as Linux on System z or z/VM for development activities. No customization or configuration is done on the z/VM Download. The z/VM Download is provided as a FTP download only with access on a request-only basis. The download files are only distributed in awsckd format. The download is a binary file that can be renamed to *.gz and unziped with a gunzip command under linux. The awsckd files run under IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT).

If you have been previously approved to use the z/VM download program you may access z/VM 5.4 download using the same UID and password that you used with prior z/VM releases.


The z/VM Download is a bundle of z/VM and related products. It is not an IBM program product and is not supported as a product.

Approved ISVs with zPDT based systems will need to have agreed to the z/VM ADCD license agreement, and have a signed System z Developer Discount contract on file with IBM prior to receiving access to the z/VM Download. All ADCD licenses and agreements are done through the System z Developer Discount offering.

How to request access to the z/VM 5.4 Download


The z/VM Download is a special packaging of z/VM software for the exclusive use of product development and support. It is restricted for use by qualified PartnerWorld ISVs who are active participants in the System z Developer Discount offering and have a zPDT system. The z/VM Download software stack is licensed to the specific system by zPDT machine type/model serial number and cannot be transferred to any other machine. Use of the z/VM Download software on any other system or software emulator is strictly prohibited and is in violation of the terms and conditions of the z/VM ADCD License agreement and the System z Developer Discount offering.

If you have any feedback or questions, please respond to: ztech@us.ibm.com