Most NON-IBM TN3270 emulators do not require any processing other than possibly answering a prompt of some sort to allow connection and/or accept the presented certificate from the IBM Innovation Center - Dallas TN3270 Secure Portal

If you are NOT using Personal Communications (PCOMM) and are having problems connecting to the IBM Innovation Center - Dallas TN3270 Secure Portal you may want to use the following information to help configure your emulator.

Process for IBM Personal Communications (PCOMM): To configure your IBM Personal Communications (PCOMM) to access the IBM Innovation Center - Dallas TN3270 Secure Portal please select the appropriate option below which best matches the PCOMM VERSION you are using.

IBM Personal Communications Version 6.0 and ABOVE

  1. On your session tool bar click configuration
  2. Click the Link Parameters
  3. Click on the Security Setup tab
  4. Make sure the following is set:
    Enable Security square should be checked.
    Microsoft Crypto API (MSAPI) square should be checked
  5. The Security Protocol should be TLS

IBM Personal Communications Version 5.9 and OLDER

  1. Connect to the GeoTrust Root Certificate website.
    The link to the GeoTrust site is:
  2. Follow the instructions to download the Base-64 encoded certificates listed below:
    Root 1, Root 2, Root 4, Root 5, Root 6, and Root 7.
  3. Import the Root certificates using the Personal Communications Certificate Management utility. They must all be installed into Personal Communications but not in any particular order.
    (A message will be displayed if the certificate is already installed.)
  4. Restart Personal Communications. Once all of the Root certificates have been installed, you should be able to configure your session to use GSKit security.

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