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Rules for the Linux on System z Test Drive and the Validation Program for z/OS

Last Updated: 02-Dec-2009

In the context below the "Offering" refers to the Linux on System z Test Drive, the Validation Program for z/OS or both.

The Offering is intended solely to assist you in enabling your Software for operation on certain IBM systems and their associated Code and other software, and to verify and demonstrate the operation of your Software on IBM systems. Normal enablement activities include uploading / downloading your Software and test data, porting, migration, debugging, testing, certification, sizing, and product demonstrations. You may also modify the operating system configuration; install patches, fixes, kernel extensions or updates to Linux on System z; install your Software or other software to which you have a license; reboot, recycle, IPL the system provided to you; mount filesystems; add users; etc.

Activities that are prohibited include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial production use, resale of the Offering, or use for any purpose for which you will receive a fee
  • Participation in Internet distributed computing efforts, such as Seti@home, Folding@home, Mersenne Prime Search etc.
  • Running of Internet servers such as game servers, chat servers, FTP servers, web servers or instant message servers
  • Use of peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing services such as Kazaa, Gnutella, Freenet, Earthstation, Limewire, etc.
  • Participation in Internet distributed denial of service attacks
  • Sending of unsolicited Internet email or other unsolicited messages (spam)
  • Use of cracking utilities such as port sniffers, root kits, password crackers, etc.
  • Uploading or storage of copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner, such as MP3s, videos, software, warez, etc.
  • Reverse assembly or reverse compilation of any IBM code, or reverse engineering of the Offering
  • Downloading or distributing of any IBM, third-party, or Open Source software without an appropriate license
  • Any activities that do not comply with US export laws
  • Any illegal activities


IBM intends to protect your personal information and to maintain its quality. We implement appropriate measures and processes, such as using encryption when transmitting certain sensitive information, to help us to keep your information secure and to maintain its quality. It is IBM's policy not to disclose personal identifying information collected from you to any third parties.

In order to ensure best use of equipment, IBM monitors the level of system and Offering utilization. Unused systems are subject to cancellation. Since the systems used to provide the Offering are provisioned by using virtualized environments, IBM expects that users will not consume system resources unnecessarily. IBM reserves the right to restrict usage or revoke account access for any excessive use of resources.

The systems are automatically backed up on a weekly basis. However, depending on the activity on the system assigned to you, these backups may not capture your data. Users of the Offering are responsible for their own data, and are encouraged to backup any critical data to their own local storage.

After expiration or termination of this Agreement, IBM will delete or destroy all data stored in any systems associated with the Offering.

If you have any feedback or questions, please respond to: