The z/VM 6.3 Download provides qualified Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have zPDT systems, a base z/VM 6.3 operating system with software maintenance. It is intended for ISVs who need z/VM to support guest systems such as Linux on System z or z/VM for development activities. No customization or configuration is done on the z/VM ADCD Startup.

PLEASE NOTE: The z/VM 6.3 functionality of Single System Image (SSI) and Live Guest Relocation (LGR) have not been tested on the zPDT and are not supported.

Required Prerequisites: In order to use the z/VM 6.3 Download, you will need to be at zPDT Version 1 Release 5 Fixpack 2 level of zPDT code (driver 47.16, version 1-5.47.16).

How to obtain prerequisites: All zPDT 1090 SW updates including zPDT Version 1 Release 5 Fixpack 2 level of zPDT code (driver 47.16, version 1-5.47.16). All zPDT 1090 Software updates can be obtained for ALL zPDT Customers through Information Technology Company (ITC). Visit and click on the zPDT Software Updates icon. You will need to register with a valid 1090 11S number model type, and serial number. You will then have immediate access to the web site for downloads.

z/VM 6.2 Parallel Sysplex Starter System: ISVs wishing to develop applications and tools that take advantage of parallel sysplex, can use the z/VM 6.2 Parallel Sysplex Starter System Parallel Sysplex Starter system which provides a optional starter Parallel Sysplex system configuration.

NOTE: There is an annual US $900 subscription fee for the use of the ADCD SW distributions. This annual fee covers the z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE, and Parallel System Starter System SW stacks and is regardless if one, two, or all four ADCD stacks are requested.

Important: Important information is found in this disclaimer so Please READ the Disclaimer!!


The z/VM Download is a bundle of z/VM and related products. It is not an IBM program product and is not supported as a product.

Approved ISVs with zPDT based systems will need to have agreed to the z/VM ADCD license agreement, and have a signed System z Developer Discount contract on file with IBM prior to receiving access to the z/VM 6.3 download. All license agreements and contract updates are done through the System z Developer Discount offering.

How to request access to the z/VM 6.3 Download


The z/VM 6.3 Download is a special packaging of z/VM software for the exclusive use of product development and support. It is restricted for use by qualified PartnerWorld ISVs who are active participants in the System z Developer Discount offering and have a zPDT system. The z/VM 6.3 Download software stack is licensed to the specific system by zPDT machine type/model serial number and cannot be transferred to any other machine. Use of the z/VM Download software on any other system or software emulator is strictly prohibited and is in violation of the terms and conditions of the z/VM ADCD License agreement and the System z Developer Discount offering.

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