DB2 Administration Tool(DM) and DB2 V12 with V12R1M506

Db2 12 now supports encryption of Db2 data with z/OS DFSMS data set
encryption, and function level 502 introduced new policy controls for
managing of key labels.

 DB2 Admin         DBCG Db2 Function Level Confirmation

 The Db2 Administration Tool does not support function level: 506.

 New attributes for this function level may not be handled and displayed
 correctly. Please select one of the following choices:

 Select a choice
   1.  Exit
   2.  Continue - I understand and accept the risk
   3.  Continue as above and do not prompt again for this function

The answer for the message about DB2 Admin tool NOT being compatable
with 506 is option 3 if you do not want to see the message again.
So, if you are using encryption of Db2 data, then you should NOT use the
Db2 Administration Tool(DM).  Otherwise, you can answer the message with
option 3 to not see the message again.