Maintenance will be applied to IMS V15, V14 and their utilities.

You will get the maintenance the weekend of 9/12/2021 or on the next SVXLOG ipl of your system.

This maintenance level is RSU level 2108 plus hipers.

HOLDDATA may be viewed on the the IBM Dallas ISV Center Website IMS HOLDDATA or HOLDDATA may be viewed from your system or after you SVXLOG your system in the following libraries:

Follow the instructions in the files above to complete the HOLD ACTIONS for IMS. These actions MUST be performed to keep your IMS system running.

RSU level maintenance is applied and implemented monthly and PUT level maintenance is done on a quarterly basis.

PUT level maintenance will be implemented as follows:
January:    PUTyy12
April:          PUTyy03
July:           PUTyy06
October:   PUTyy09

In order to pickup this service before the weekend maintenance outage you will need to:
1. SHUTDOWN your z/OS system
2. LOG your z/OS system OFF of VM
3. Use SVXLOG to restart your z/OS system

If you need additional assistance, have questions or comments, please visit the IBM Dallas ISV Center Community Site.