Automatic Password Reset

The IBM Z Dallas ISV Center has enabled an automated password reset service machine that will enable authorized users to reset or resume an ETPxxxx personal userid. The ETPxxxx personal userid must be associated with your correct company email address. Email addresses from public services (such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc) will not be accepted.

You may request email assignment by sending email to and including the ETPxxxx personal userid and your valid company email address.

Once a valid company email address has been assigned to the ETPxxxx personal userid, a password can be RESET or RESUMEd by sending email from the associated email address to the service machine listed below with the appropriate subject line.

Email service machine -

The subject line should include either - RESET ETPxxxx or RESUME ETPxxxx

(No other text is required in the email)

For each request the first action will be to verify the requesting email address is associated with the userid in the request. The second action will confirm that the userid is in a current program. If these are false, an email will be returned indicating the request is invalid. If these are true, one of the following actions will occur.

A RESET request will RESUME userid ETPxxxx *AND* assign a temporary randomly generated password. Upon completion of this action, you will receive a return email. The email will contain the temporary randomly generated password. The userid will not be included in the return email. Once you receive the password, you will be able to logon to the secure website or a z/VM system where you will prompted to change your password to a new one that you choose.

A RESUME request will RESUME userid ETPxxxx. (The password will *NOT* be changed.) When this action is complete you will receive a return email. The email will confirm the userid is ready for logon. (A new password is *NOT* assigned to the userid.)

If you should have any questions or problems using the service, please send email to