Automatic Password Reset

The IBM Z Dallas ISV Center has enabled an automated password reset service machine that will allow authorized users to reset or resume an ETPxxxx personal userid.

Important Notes

  • The ETPxxxx personal userid must be associated with your correct company email address.
  • Email addresses from public services (such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc) will not be accepted.
  • You may request email assignment by sending email to including the ETPxxxx personal userid and your valid company email address.

The Automatic Password Reset Process

  • Once a valid company email address has been assigned to the ETPxxxx personal userid, a password can be RESET or RESUMEd by sending an email from the associated email address to the service machine listed below, with the appropriate subject line.
    • Email service machine:
    • The subject line should include either: RESET ETPxxxx or RESUME ETPxxxx
    • No other text is required in the email
  • For each request we will:
    • Verify the requesting email address is associated with the userid in the request.
    • Confirm that the userid is in a current program.
  • If the results of the verification and confirmation are true, one of the following actions will occur:
    • A RESET request will RESUME userid ETPxxxx *AND* assign a temporary randomly generated password.
      • You will receive a return email including the temporary randomly generated password.
      • The userid will not be included in the return email.
      • Once you receive the password, you will be able to logon to the secure website.
      • You will be prompted to change your password to a new one of your choosing.
    • A RESUME request will RESUME userid ETPxxxx.
      • The password will not be changed.
      • When this action is completed, you will receive a return email confirming the userid is ready for logon.
      • A new password will not be assigned to the userid.

If you have any questions, send us an email to