z Systems Remote Development Program Enrollment and Product Information

The z Systems Remote Development Program for z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE provides ISVs remote access to supported generally available and supported operating systems and software products. Some, but not all, of the available IBM software products are included in the enrollment packages listed below. Questions regarding the availability of IBM software products not listed in the enrollment packages can be sent to zRDP@us.ibm.com .

Access to IBM operating systems for which software support has been withdrawn may also be available. Please send questions concerning the availability of unsupported operating systems to zRDP@us.ibm.com .

How to Enroll in the z Systems Remote Development Program for z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE

There are two sets of Enrollment Packages below, one for US or Canada and one for ISVs in all other countries. Please review enrollment packages for the offering of interest. Complete the enrollment steps listed below for the offering which best suits your needs:

  • Download or print the appropriate Enrollment Package
  • Complete the Registration Form
  • Sign the Vendor Access Agreement or AECI Base Agreement (non-US/Canada) if this is your first time your company is participating
  • Sign the Vendor Access Agreement Exhibit or AECI Supplement
  • Complete the Program Addition Order Form (optional)
  • Return all documents via the fax number ( 845-491-5885 ) or the address listed in the Registration Form

Enrollment Packages for US and Canada Developers - US Invitation Package

Enrollment Packages for NON-US and Canada Developers - EMEA Invitation Package

If you have any feedback or questions, please respond to: ztech@us.ibm.com