IBM System z has introduced a special type of processor called a System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP).

z/OS is capable of causing certain types of work to execute in part on zIIPs. The type of work eligible for z/OS redirection to zIIPs can be characterized as non-task, service request block ("SRB") mode work that is joined in an enclave of Workload Manager for z/OS ("WLM").

For qualifying ISVs, a document and additional information that describes the IBM proprietary software interfaces that can be used by eligible work of an ISV program, to request that z/OS cause such work to be executed in part on zIIPs, is now available subject to certain terms and conditions. Please note, the interfaces for creating and classifying Enclaves and scheduling SRBs for execution are already available in existing z/OS product documentation. This supplemental material provides information to direct the SRBs in the Enclave to execute in part on zIIPs.

In order to receive this document and additional information, the ISV must meet certain requirements which include the execution of a licensing agreement with IBM. If you wish to find out more about the requirements associated with this document and additional information, please send an email to with your company name, your name, your business phone number and your business email address along with the subject zIIP Document

If you choose to send such an email, the personal information you supply will only be used to contact you about the zIIP Document. By sending the email you agree that IBM may use your data in the manner described above.